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Anderson Lake fatality an experienced cliff jumper

Police investigation finds jump was 30 to 39 metres

AUG.23 UPDATE: Whistler RCMP has concluded its investigation into the death of Ben Trompetter which occurred on August 17, 2012. It was previously reported that Trompetter jumped from a height of 175 feet. After a careful analysis of the available evidence and witness statements, investigators have determined that Mr. Trompetter jumped from a height of between 100 and 130 feet (30 to 39 metres).

According to Trompetter's friends and family, he had extensive experience in free climbing. For him, the cliff jumping was secondary to the climb.

"Our thoughts are with Ben's family during this difficult time." said S/Sgt. Steve LeClair of the Whistler Pemberton RCMP.


The 26-year-old Surrey man who died while cliff jumping at Anderson Lake has been identified on Facebook as Ben Trompetter, an avid world traveller, who worked as a guide for an adventure tour company.

He spent most of his time in Thailand working for Beach Travellers.

He had been boating with friends on the east shore of the lake, roughly 15 kilometres north of D'arcy, climbed a cliff Friday evening and jumped into the water from a height of roughly 53 metres (175 feet). Police reported that jumping from cliffs into water was something he did regularly.

His body was found almost 40 hours after he went missing in the water.

The RCMP dive team recovered the body around 11 a.m. Sunday morning. The young man was found in approximately 21 metres (70 feet) of water, close to the area where he jumped.

When asked what went wrong, Whistler RCMP Staff Sergeant Steve LeClair said: "(We) don't know at this point. He jumped from quite a high height. We can speculate that he lost consciousness when he struck the water at velocity and then possibly drowned."

The coroner has not ordered an autopsy currently, according to police.

When Trompetter didn't resurface, several of his friends dove into the water to try to find him. Police were called just before 6 p.m.

Police and Pemberton Search and Rescue were on scene and several civilian boaters also helped in the search. Two helicopters were also part of the search as well as the four-member RCMP dive team.

Many of his friends and members of his family took to Facebook to remember him.

“Ben was something special to us all, and those of [us] that were lucky enough to know him have felt the love that he shares with everyone and anyone he came across,” Beach Travellers’ Facebook page posted Monday.