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April Stool Day a success

16 volunteers clean dog dirt from Valley Trail

It was another successful Pitch-In Day in Whistler, with volunteers picking up litter on the side of the road in local neighbourhoods. This year, however, some volunteers had it harder than others.

Organized by local realtor Susie Frank, 16 volunteers turned out for April Stool Day. Armed with plastic buckets and shovels, the 16 walked the Valley Trail network and scooped up all the dog poo uncovered by the retreating snow. They filled bucket after bucket, leaving them for municipal employees who took the waste to the composter.

"FYI, dog poo is heavy," said Frank, who was pleased with the turnout and is looking to make it an annual event. "We all had very positive comments by people on the Valley Trail."

The Mountain Hound Lounge provided free dog sitting for volunteers, and owners Tim and Mitch joined the group to pick up waste.