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Backcountry Advisory

As of Wednesday, Feb. 7

Alpine: LOW

Treeline: LOW

Below Treeline: LOW

Travel Advisory : You will find variable crusts from below treeline up to ridgetop in the alpine. Below around 1,800 metres the crust is breakable and doesn't always support the weight of a skier. Above treeline the crust is relatively solid. A mild and showery weather pattern is expected to build isolated drifts and pockets of slab over these crust surfaces.

Avalanche Activity: Cornice fall has been the greatest hazard of late, and large cornice failures have been observed in backcountry areas. The warm alpine temperatures have resulted in moist sluffing on solar exposed aspects.

Snowpack : Cool alpine temps have formed a melt/freeze crust on last Sunday's new snow. The thickness and strength of this crust is variable depending on aspect and elevation. This drifted thin layer is sitting on a mix of variable weight bearing crusts in the alpine and breakable crusts from treeline down. More light precipitation is expected over the rest of the week.

Weather : An unsettled mild weather pattern is forecast through the week, with possible breaks on the weekend.

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