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Backcountry Avalanche Advisory

As of Wednesday, April 8

Alpine: Moderate through Friday

Treeline: Moderate through Friday

Below Treeline: Low through Friday

Travel Advisory: Solar exposed slopes have been baked by the recent spring weather. Sheltered lee start zones are still harbouring dry loose snow. Remember our snowpack is very different this year, so be diligent about safe travel practices and be aware of your terrain. Give cornices a wide berth as cornice falls have recently triggered very large avalanches.

Avalanche Activity: The shallow wind slabs that formed last week may be reactive to the weight of a person in some isolated areas in the high alpine. There have recently been natural avalanches up to size four that are suspected to have failed on the Dec. 6 layer. This early season weakness has definitely not gone away and it will continue to produce large avalanches through the spring season.

Snowpack: The storm snow has been settling and gaining strength throughout the week. Solar aspects now have a strong melt freeze crust on the surface. Remember that this crust is the key to the integrity of the surface layers and that when it melts the snow stability will deteriorate. The persistent weak layers from December, February and March are all at or near their threshold. Stability tests in profiles are indicating mostly hard shears, but the periodical large isolated avalanche activity indicates a more acute weakness.

Weather: Unsettled cool spring conditions are expected to last into the weekend.

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