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Backcountry Avalanche Advisory

As of Wednesday, Jan. 13

Alpine: Considerable Thursday, High Friday

Treeline: Moderate Thursday, Considerable Friday

Below Treeline: Moderate through Friday

Travel Advisory: One-half to one metre of snow has been wind-loaded into alpine start zones since Sunday. Freezing levels have hovered around 1,600 metres with moist snow observed to 2,000 metres. Explosive testing on Tuesday triggered slabs up to size three.

Avalanche Activity: Natural- and explosive-triggered size three slab avalanches were observed on Tuesday.

Snowpack: A deep layer of moist storm snow has been loaded into start zones at treeline and into alpine start zones. Clearing on Tuesday night has allowed a weak crust to begin to form over this deep moist layer. Expect rapid settlement and storm snow creep to continue over the next 24 to 48 hours creating the continued potential for deep slab events.

Weather: A relatively cool but still mild break on Wednesday through Thursday will give way to another mild and intense storm system on Thursday night. This system is expected to last through Friday. Another wave is likely by Sunday.