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Bears not being ‘dumped’ in Pemberton Meadows

In response to some concern from Pemberton residents, Conservation Officer Chris Doyle has taken steps to reassure the community that live bears are not being "dumped" in their backyards.

Doyle said that some problem bears were being relocated but they were not being left in Pemberton Meadows.

"Generally, all the bears that have been relocated in the Pemberton area are relocated to the Meager Creek area, which is another 40 km away," said Doyle.

"But I just wanted to set the record straight that we weren’t just dumping them in the Pemberton Meadows farm area, and also any bears that are relocated up there are tagged."

A recent letter to the editor suggested bears that were being relocated from Whistler were being released in Pemberton Meadows.

Doyle encouraged any residents that had problems with bears to call the conservation office’s 24-hour hotline at 1-800-663-WILD (9453).