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Been there, skied that

Vancouver’s Stephanie Jagger breaks world record for most vertical feet skied in a year.

The day after Stephanie Jagger broke a Guinness World Record by sliding down the last 12,000 or so of 4,161,823 vertical feet skied in the past year, she did what any other rational person would do - woke up and went skiing.

"I went out for a couple of runs today and got back and hung up my skies and put my boots in the away away spot in the cabinet," she said.

Jagger reached her goal on Blackcomb, Thursday, May 5 around 12:30p.m., wrapping up an incredible, 10-month international and spiritual journey by celebrating with family and friends in Whistler.

"To ski 12,000 feet more over the four million and some odd that I've already done, it kind of felt like another day," she said of meeting her goal.

"The Solar Coaster chair is the most rewarding vertical so that is usually where you could find me. So I did a number of laps in the morning there and there was horrendous visibility - I could barely see a foot in front of me and then as it was closing in I skied down to Glacier Creek Lodge so I could make a few phone calls and have a boozie coffee."

Though Jagger admits the first few runs of her last day were accompanied by tears, the visibility helped her feel ready to wrap up this part of her saga.

Next she will head to California to soak up sun and yoga before deciding on what to do with the next phase of her life.

"The best feeling was after I was finished, taking a couple of extra runs and not looking at my altimeter, just really enjoying it. That felt really, really nice. I think my body is having a collective sigh of relief," she said with a laugh.

"People keep asking me 'so what's next?' - and I keep thinking - didn't I do enough?'"

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