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Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, my column was rudely interrupted during the printing process last week. Because much of the information was socially relevant, I will tell it all over again.

Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, my column was rudely interrupted during the printing process last week. Because much of the information was socially relevant, I will tell it all over again. Since Mick and Seal haven't arrived in my store wearing only cow T-shirts (see, I'm already on a first name basis with them), I decided to attend the Christmas party thrown by Steve Wragg (the famous golf pro from the Chateau Whistler Golf Course) and his lovely wife Carolyn Rodgers (of Evergreen Landscaping), at their palatial spread in Alpine Meadows. It also turned out to be Dave Nash's birthday. He appeared to be handling the fact that he was a year older very well. No mid-life crisis is in the works just yet. Carolyn gazed at him affectionately and said, "They're so cute at that age." She was right — he was adorable — and then I noticed his sprouting goatee. I looked around the room and noticed all sorts of interesting facial hair. (On the men, not the women). Vic Beresford — who's either clean shaven or fully bearded, had a goatee. Steve Wragg had a beard for the first time in the 12 years I've known him. He's really come of age. I remember when he could barely grow a decent moustache. Unfortunately, the beard had to come off before his first shift at the Rim Rock. Johnny "O" has, in the last two months, gone from clean shaven to full beard to goatee to clean shaven. Apparently, he tried waitering with a beard and his tips weren't as good. What better incentive to shave than money? Phillipe Lavoie, who looks like he could grow a beard in six hours, said it took him three weeks to get a 5 o'clock shadow. Looks can be deceiving. The award for the best beard goes to Mark Beaven who had his growth left over from his Fu Man Chu rendition at Halloween. I even had a picture of it back lit. Unfortunately my camera wasn't working properly. I have no pictures of this party either. I hit Kenny and Deanna White's Christmas party on Dec. 23. Kenny is the manager of the Rimrock Cafe — perhaps one of the best restaurants in the valley. Deanna is an old partner of mine in a decorative painting business. Her newest masterpiece can be seen at the newly-renovated Moguls. I arrived at the party at the same time as Chris Wetaski, who was packing a bottle of his own home-made wine. He proudly proclaimed that his wine was comparable to the bottle of Australian Bin 222 I was bearing. Sceptical, I challenged him to a taste test. It was true! It restored my faith in home-made wine; after many samplings of other home-made offerings. "It's really good," the virgin vintners say. "Oh, it is," you lie as your eyes dart desperately around the room, searching for somewhere to spit it out. But Chris's was great. Spoke to Toulouse (Terry Spence) about the Stones concert in Vancouver last week. "It's nice to see guys my age can still get it on." Spence says. He was actually referring to his friends’ behaviour after the show, but he did add the Stones were excellent. As for the rumour that the Stones are in Whistler — the truth is that they were, in fact, here. They stayed at Le Chamois for two nights during our disgusting rain spell and allegedly said: "We can get this bloody rain in England," and split. Also caught in his bathrobe at the Chateau Whistler was founder and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine — Jann Wenner. It was interesting thinking what it would be like if I was riding the chairlift and looked over at my fellow rider and recognised Mick's lips. I told my friend Denise Jones that the Stones and Seal were in Whistler. "I would crawl over the Stones to meet Seal," she stated. I understand completely, so Seal -— if you're reading this — as a neophyte columnist, you would be doing me a great favour if you'd drop by my store and say hi... Cheryl Saunders-Massey told me that Bryan Adams is in town and she had a shot at cooking for him. Unfortunately, she "only knows how to cook meat," and Bryan is a vegan — no meat, eggs, dairy or fish. As it turned out, Michelle Crowe, also a guest at the party, could cook vegan and she snagged the job. Inquiring minds want to know, What did Michelle cook for Bryan? A winter vegetable and bean soup, vegetable stews and dips. (He brought his own juicer.) That's it so far — it was only her first day. I also found out where Adams is staying — a secret location I know, but will not divulge. So Bryan, if you're reading this and are eternally grateful that I had the decency not to print your address — as a beginner columnist, you'd do me a great favour by dropping by my store. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.