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Campaign puts spotlight on renting

Media campaign highlights tenants' rights, responsibilities

After the word-of-mouth horror stories of renting in Whistler this season, council is kicking off an awareness campaign about the rights of landlords and tenants.

Information packages filled with need-to-know numbers and resources on landlord/tenant issues are now available. The packages are designed to educate residents and newcomers about their rights and obligations under the Residential Tenancy Act.

It will be followed by a media campaign with ads running in the local papers for the next three weeks to build awareness of some of the issues around renting in Whistler.

“Thanks very much for doing that,” Councillor Ralph Forsyth said to staff at Monday’s council meeting. “I think it will go a long way.”

Forsyth triggered awareness on the issue after the Welcome Week dinner in early November where he heard about new workers being charged exorbitant rents and getting crammed into bedrooms.

He vowed to expose landlords gouging seasonal workers and run them out of town.

On Monday Mayor Ken Melamed said it only takes a few rotten eggs to spoil the bunch and give the resort a bad name. There are many good, compassionate landlords too, he added.

The landlord/tenant information packages are available at the Whistler Housing Authority, the Chamber of Commerce Employment Centre, the Whistler Public Library and municipal hall.