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Conservatives won’t wait

Weston first to seek nomination to replace Reynolds

The Conservatives are looking for a successor to MP John Reynolds and are advertising for candidates even though the next federal election could be several years away.

Alan Hackett, President of the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast Conservative Association, said his organization was looking for a candidate because Reynolds is retiring at the next federal election.

Reynolds was the Conservatives’ House Leader and is one of the most experienced politicians in Canada, but in February he announced his intentions to retire, sighting age and health reasons.

Liberal candidate Blair Wilson almost beat Reynolds and the Conservatives in this riding during last year’s federal election; many believe had it not been for Reynolds’s reputation the Liberals would have taken the seat.

But the Conservatives are clearly not going to let this riding go without a fight.

"We’ve opened up an election process, but we can’t actually start the nominations until after our national convention is over, which is on the 17-19 th of March," said Hackett.

"But that doesn’t stop anybody who’s interested in seeking the nomination to put the word out that they’re going to do so, and that’s what John Weston’s done."

Weston, 46, was a legal advisor to Reynolds in the last federal election and has had a colourful career as a diplomat and lawyer.

"But there may be other candidates. I know of about three other people who are interested," said Hackett. "We’ve also had a couple of people answer our ads and that’s great because one of the requirements of this process is that we make an honest effort to get the best candidate."

The nomination process officially starts March 31.