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Council sets work plan after two-day retreat

Details of priorities to emerge in coming weeks

More details will be forthcoming next week about council's new priorities after a two-day retreat this week that has set the course for the coming term.

"We worked really hard," said Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden Thursday morning, upon her return from the overnight retreat at the Brew Creek Centre.

Though the work priorities have been firmed up; the mayor was reticent to shed any light on those issues, saving that for her Mayor's Report at the Tuesday Jan. 19 council meeting.

"There won't be any surprises," she said. "For anybody who was watching the campaign, we will have reflected in our priorities what we as a group campaigned on."

The details of the priorities, including timelines and performance measures, will be presented at the Feb. 21 meeting.

The retreat was also an opportunity to get to know senior managers at the municipality and a chance to firm up council bonds.

"We have felt comfortable working together for some time from the work that we did before we were even sworn in," said Wilhelm-Morden. "So from that perspective we just keep solidifying our teamwork which is very good."