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Express parking coming to Whistler's Marketplace shopping plaza

Scheme for 30-minute parking stalls begins May 15
EXPRESS PARKING 30-minute parking comes to Marketplace parking plaza in a limited number of stalls. This will mean easier shopping say Jim Watts, managing director of fastPark and McGregor Wark, senior asset manager at Headwater Projects. Photo by Alison Taylor

For shoppers in a hurry at Whistler's Marketplace, short visits are now about to get a little sweeter thanks to a new express parking system.

A limited number of storefront 30-minute parking spaces will improve accessibility and efficiency.

The new scheme begins today, May 15.

Despite 49 front-row stalls being changed for this new service, over 85 per cent of parking will still be available for those needing more time; the current two-hour limit remains.

All parking remains free of charge, according to a release from fastPark, which operates the parking lot at Marketplace.

A new motorcycle and scooter parking area is already in place for the summer, in the unused snow dump area. This will free up more car spaces in the general lot.

"It's about convenience and addressing the needs of those visiting the over 30 stores and services located at Marketplace," said Jim Watts, managing director of fastPark.