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‘Extreme’ fire-danger rating leads to construction restrictions in Whistler

Fire danger rating upgraded Wednesday
Photo by Clare Ogilvie

An increase in the fire danger rating has prompted officials to issue new restrictions to construction projects.

On Wednesday, July 2, the fire danger rating was increased to "extreme."

Starting today, July 3, high-risk construction projects within 10 metres of the forest must stop operations at 1 p.m., and a minimum two-hour fire watch is required after construction ceases.

Examples of high-risk activity include blasting, excavating, drilling, grinding and hot works.

Non-high-risk activities - work inside of a structure (excluding hot works), use of electrically powered equipment and work with hand tools - can continue after 1 p.m.

Work with heavy-duty equipment or small engines may continue in areas around a site where they are not within 10 metres of the forest.

Should the extreme fire rating remain in place for three consecutive days, all high-risk activity must be stopped entirely.

Non-high-risk activities can continue.

Construction activity may resume a regular schedule once the fire danger rating falls to "moderate or "low."

The fire danger rating can be found at