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For the Record

In last week’s story "

In last week’s story "Dog put down after biting woman", there were several errors according to the victim and witnesses at the scene.

Most importantly, the victim says did not wake the sleeping dog under the stage. According to Emily Carroll, she was already patting the dog in front of the stage before it rolled over onto its side. When she knelt down with the dog, it bit her in the face, resulting in a serious injury that required plastic surgery and more than 70 stitches.

Shortly after the incident she was transported by ambulance from the Calcheak area, where a full moon party was taking place, to the Whistler Health Care Centre. From there she was transported by ambulance to Vancouver General Hospital for surgery to repair the damage to her upper and lower lips.

"I’m really thankful for how supportive everyone has been, like Tony (Anthony Catton, the dog’s owner), and a lot of people I don’t even know have been supportive as well," said Carroll.

Catton is planning to fundraiser to help Carroll, who won’t be able to work for several weeks during her recovery. Although she is healing she said more surgeries might be required in the future.