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Inline skate across B.C. to raise awareness of child care

Bret Hernando will be in Pemberton Tuesday, Whistler Wednesday

The child-care crisis is not just a local problem.

That's why caregiver-educator Bret Hernando is putting on his inline skates and taking his message across the province.

"I believe that Canada's lack of a national system for child care is the root of all the problems," said Hernando on the eve of his provincial adventure.
The adventure begins on Saturday, April 25, Hernando's 25th birthday, in Princeton.

He aims to be in Pemberton by Tuesday after skating almost 450 km.

He will be in Whistler the following day, where he will meet with representatives from the municipality.

Hernando's trip across B.C. ties in with the provincial election. He asks: "Why is B.C. not stepping up when it comes to child care?"

Ultimately he believes the problem lies in the lack of a national system, like the health care system, for child care.

A national system could help address the issues plaguing the industry - issues like staff training and the lack of daycare spaces.

He plans to inline skate across Canada next year to raise more awareness.
The provincial trip will last 90 days and Hernando intends to end at Parliament Buildings in Victoria.

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