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Inside scoop with Jimmy the Cockroach

Exclusive weekly reports from our mole in VANOC. This week Jimmy uncovers some friction in the hallways of VANOC ...

"It appears that all is not well in VANOC Land these days. I'm told there is a major split in the organization and that both sides are busy preparing for what may turn into a nasty battle.

"What's the problem? Those track suits the torch carriers are wearing. It seems that half the office loves them, and the other half thinks they make the runners look like Smurfs in HazMat suits and will be major embarrassment at the Games.

"My sources tell me the Nay side is planning to go public with the fact that the suits were a gift from ... "

*Listen to Jimmy's full report at

(Next week - Condoms and Tasers)

*WARNING: Jimmy's reports are pure satire and may not be suitable for all levels of intelligence.