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It's Thanksgiving Day and I wish I hadn't turned on my radio to hear that the U.S. has begun bombing Afghanistan.

It's Thanksgiving Day and I wish I hadn't turned on my radio to hear that the U.S. has begun bombing Afghanistan. Is this our salvation? Am I now supposed to feel safe, knowing that yet again more members of the human family are suffering and dying to satisfy the demands of the most murderous regime in the history of our planet?

In The Chief of Oct. 6, 2001, Wayne and Pat Holland report that the New Yorkers they met kept asking, "Why do they hate us? Where did it come from?" I ask, Are these people joking? How can they possibly be so clueless? Unfortunately, their questions reveal the great success of the corporate media and the PR firms that shape and manipulate public perception. This industry invents a fantasy world that has no basis in fact, an illusion which the record clearly dispels. While the National Post and the Vancouver Sun would have us join in the warmongering, no thinking person can accept the lunatic rhetoric being trumpeted to justify yet more U.S. aggression.

Though the American people are obviously excellent and worthy of admiration, the U.S. government/elite is another matter entirely. As Noam Chomsky says, the "American way of life" is built on torture, rape, murder, and massacre. Harsh words for a harsh reality. With complete disregard for human life, let alone human rights, the U.S. is responsible for installing, equipping, and financing dictatorships the world over. It is responsible for a million and a half deaths in Iraq alone, many of them children, where Madeline Albright had the gall to say "the price is worth it." This is insanity.

The atrocity of Sept. 11 is absolutely horrendous. Nonetheless, it pales in comparison to the legacy of U.S. atrocities. To lament the plight of the Americans without giving equal lament to the far more numerous victims of U.S. policies is flagrantly hypocritical. To use this event as justification for yet more atrocities is to completely reject human intelligence, it rejects the ideals of the human spirit, it negates the achievements of civilization, and all this for the pathetic ambitions of a few dominant men.

Personally, I would like to live my life in peace and prosperity. Apparently, our so-called "leaders" have the opposite in mind. The record clearly shows that George Bush, Jean Chretien, and Gordon Campbell et al are liars and puppets who try to convince us that we are living in a democracy, that killing people is "humanitarian," that corporate globalization is good for us. These people are sick. Anyone who condones violence is sick. U.S. policy is sick and so is anyone who supports it.

I give thanks for the clear-minded, intelligent thinking of Noam Chomsky, Paul Hellyer, and Michael Parenti, and for the legions of compassionate, caring people who see through the evil being foisted upon us by the lower life forms known as the elite. They may have money and power, but they don't have the truth. They will fail, we will win, and for that we can give thanks.

Marc Bombois

Garibaldi Highlands

Thank you HIT volunteers!

Three years ago Whistler-Blackcomb, in partnership with the community, initiated an environmental action team dedicated to improving fish and wildlife habitat in the Whistler Valley. This mountain-facilitated, community-based group is known as HIT (Habitat Improvement Team). This past summer proved to be our most productive yet as eight projects were completed.

A heartfelt thank you to all our volunteers from both the community and mountain operations for their time, sweat and passion in helping improve our natural environment. We are also grateful to all the local environmental groups for their support of our work. Special mention to the Whistler Fisheries Stewardship Group for combining resources with us on all the fish related projects. This group is exceptional at getting things done!

We believe in a small but yet meaningful way HIT mirrors what makes this community special. The numerous environmental volunteer efforts from W.F.S.G., AWARE, Rotary Club, RMOW, Jennifer Jones Foundation, Arbour Day and others confirms the concern and willingness of our community to protect our natural environment.

Thanks again HIT volunteers for rolling up your sleeves and being part of this. We look forward to our next projects beginning in spring. May large plumes of weightless powder arch from your bodies all winter long!

Arthur De Jong

Allana Hamm