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Meager Hot Springs accessible fall 2007

Ministry of Forests to replace washed-out bridge

By Cindy Filipenko

Pemberton Mayor Jordan Sturdy is thrilled that the Meager Creek Bridge, which provides access to the hot springs, is being replaced.

Sturdy has lobbied provincial government to replace the structure that provides access to Pemberton’s number one requested recreational site.

“It’s good for forestry and its good for tourism,” said Sturdy.

The bridge, which engineers believe is susceptible to washout every 20 years or so due to its location, will be a vehicle bridge with permanent footings. This structure will allow for quick and affordable replacement of the bridge deck when another washout occurs.

“It’s been coming for a longtime,” said the mayor. “It’s going to be great.”

The previous bridge was lost in the 2003 flood.

Sturdy imagines that work on the bridge will be undertaken next August to coincide with the “fish window” as determined by the Department of Fisheries.