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Memorial trees to be removed

Attracts too many bears

Memorial crabapple trees lining Portage Street in front of the Pemberton and Area Community Centre construction site need to be removed.

Recognizing the sentimental value and intent of the trees the Village of Pemberton (VOP) is arranging for the trees to be returned to the donors.

Once the community centre is completed, the trees will be replaced with non-fruit bearing, flowering Japanese cherry trees in keeping with the VOPs commitment to being a "Bear Smart" community. The crabapple trees had proven to be a bear attractant and last year five of the trees near Signal Hill Elementary were removed for that reason. The village has plans to eventually replace all of the trees.

The Village Works department will transport the uprooted trees to donors’ homes free of charge. People wishing to replant trees they have donated in memory of loved ones are encouraged to contact Russell Mack, Village Works manager at 604-935-9098.