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muni art call

Muni puts out the call for artisan submissions By Oona Woods The RMOW’s public art program is looking to launch into stage two of the journey towards improving public space.

Muni puts out the call for artisan submissions By Oona Woods The RMOW’s public art program is looking to launch into stage two of the journey towards improving public space. Artists and artisans are invited to get involved in original projects that will not only contribute to the general beauty of Whistler but will also remain as an integral part of the village for years to come. You may have noticed the results of stage one in Village Park East, the Sightlines bridge project and the Glacial Traces brick work. Both of these installations were created with a view to engaging the passing public in hands on art. Now the Public Art Program has issued its Phase Two Prospectus and is looking to identify artists that may be interested in competing for one or several of the phase two projects. In Village Park West work is underway to create a waterfall or cascade as well as ponds, lawn areas, plantings and a spiral mound between June and November 1999. There are two projects contemplated for this area. Firstly the Storyteller’s Chair. This will be located at the top of the mound, in the centre of an area of raised stones. It should be durable, full of character and functional. Secondly there will be the Drinking Fountain. This is to be located in a prominent site opposite the cascade. The structure needs to be unique, sculptural, barrier free and functional. Plumbing features will be provided. While these projects may be commissioned independently, it is preferred that they relate to each other in some form. The atmosphere of Village Park Centre is more of a forest remnant, featuring coniferous trees, large stumps and a fairly enclosed forest canopy. The park will include small ponds at each end, a reading circle or council ring and a path that will wind around trees and stumps. There are more projects in mind for this area. In the transition from Village Park West to Centre Park there is a site with a clear view to near and far destinations. The arts program feels this site will be appropriate for literal and symbolic clues to orient visitors finding their way or to interpret stories of the area, the forest or the village park. There is also an opportunity to develop funky paths at two locations in the park. At these points secondary paths divert from the main walkway into the forest and both paths twist by a pond. The final project on offer is for the more urbanized Village Park East, where prototype fire hydrants are needed. The RMOW is looking to engage different artists for each of the two hydrants. Artists have to work around function, durability and the need to be able to find them in snow to create something that is interesting and varied. The parks department will assist the artists in liaisons with the fire department and public works department. Park planning principles express a desire to be creative, uncommon and site specific. All of the above projects must also follow the overall Village Park design principles of: reference to the regional environment, reference to Whistler’s unique place within this environment and incorporation of the elements of the mountain landscape. Projects may be undertaken by individuals or teams and submissions are welcome from artists and other visionaries. Submissions may be made to more than one project, budgets for fees include all taxes, materials and personal expenses, all projects will involve collaboration with park design staff, everything must be original and durable in an outdoor environment. If you are interested in submitting ideas to the first stage of the competition you must include: a letter expressing your interest in a specific project, describing your work and providing your address and telephone number, as well as a current resume, 10 images of recent work, and a statement of intent. The deadline for submissions to Parks and Recreation is April 14, 1999.