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Naked man keeps Whistler RCMP busy

RCMP News: Rental fraud happy ending and charity collection warning

The first naked-man complaint came to the RCMP when a hotel worker on the Benchlands discovered him in a dumpster. After he was located on Sunday, Jan. 26 the man was taken to the Whistler Health Care Centre, but a short time later the RCMP got another report saying the man had escaped from the health centre - again naked.

The initial call about the man was placed at 9:48 a.m. and police attended to the Benchlands hotel along with backup from Whistler Fire Rescue and B.C. Ambulance.

Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair said the man reported he felt people were chasing him and there could be people in his hotel room.

"The police checked the male's room to ensure there was nobody in there," said LeClair. "They gathered some clothing for him and the police attended the health care centre to drop off the clothing."

A short time later police learned the man bolted from the health facility and was spotted running through the snow in the Lost Lake area. LeClair said police tracked him to Fitzsimmons Creek where he ran into the creek and dashed out of sight into the trees near Lorimer Road.

A police dog was then brought in from Vancouver to help find the man.

The next public sighting indicated the man, still naked, had boarded a bus in the Benchlands. Police caught up with the bus where they learned the man had gone into a restaurant. He was found in the restaurant washroom with self-inflicted injuries.

"He was taken by ambulance to the clinic again then transported to Lions Gate Hospital for a psych assessment," LeClair said.

Rental fraud works out OK

The RCMP is investigating a case of an accidental tourist rental after the owner of a property reported that he had unexpected guests in his suite.

It started when a group of visitors arranged their rental suite through the Internet with a person in Chicago. When they arrived at the place on Sprearhead Drive members of the cleaning staff in the building admitted the group into their room.

The owner of the suite didn't book the group and had no idea they were in the suite the whole time the group was there.

"The complainant advised that an unknown group of people had paid money over the Internet to stay at his residence," said LeClair.

At the end of their stay the group left a note thanking the owner for the use of the suite. The note included contact information for the person who collected the rental fee.

The owner of the suite was surprised to find the note and happy to see the unit was well cared by the accidental tenants. The RCMP has opened a fraud investigation file.

Cold night for skier

A Vancouver man, who knew he was lost in an out-of-bounds area spent the night of Sunday, Jan. 26 in the trees below Symphony. The 27-year-old visitor used his mobile phone to connect with a Whistler Search and Rescue (WSAR) member to get instructions on how to get back inbounds.

However, he was unable to find his way out. Police were alerted at 6:45 a.m. the following day that the man needed rescuing. WSAR worked with ski patrollers to find the man's tracks. With help from a helicopter they located him, gave him a hot drink and some food then loaned him snowshoes so he could get back inbounds.

At the bottom of Whistler he was interviewed by the RCMP and sent on his way.

Red Cross isn't canvassing

Squamish RCMP got a number of complaints this week of two men visiting homes asking for donations to the Red Cross.

The Red Cross informed police it isn't doing any sanctioned donation collecting in the area.

The two suspects are Caucasian and one reportedly has an Australian accent. Anyone who is approached to donate to the Red Cross is asked to call the RCMP with details of the incident.