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Olympic voices

What’s been your favourite Olympic event so far and why?

Sarah Gluck, New York, NY

When the men's moguls, when the first Canadian on home soil won, that was pretty exciting to be in the centre of Whistler for that. Just feeling the local vibe, everybody screaming "Go Canada Go." I'm American, so it was fun.


Rachel Davis, Columbia, South Carolina

I've been here for just like 30 hours, so it's been really short. We went down to Vancouver, to the torch, got to see everything. It was beautiful, it was at night and we were walking on the street and it was kind of raining, and of course the torch was still going, so even as we drove out of town across the Lions Gate Bridge, turned around and the Olympic torch was still going, it was really nice to see that permanence there.


Stephanie Carobene, Whistler, British Columbia

My favourite Olympic event so far has been the Opening Ceremonies in the Village Square in Whistler. Lots of people feeling really patriotic, people from all over the world celebrating the Canadian Olympics.


Brian Lim, Victoria, British Columbia

The moguls last night. We were there watching Alexandre win, that was great. Just the atmosphere, a huge crowd, cheering on the Canadians. They had a couple of guys ranked really high there too, fourth and fifth place guys. And watching Dale Begg-Smith, he was good too.


Melissa Lawrence, Victoria, British Columbia

Definitely the moguls. Just really awesome to be there when the first gold medal on Canadian soil was won. We got lucky, it was awesome.