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Pemberton not so cool

Faulty weather station to blame

Pemberton is being robbed of its status as one of province’s record-breaking temperature leaders.

During the heat wave that began last week, the Sea to Sky corridor community has been noticeably absent from TV weather reports. Weather enthusiasts checking into Environment Canada’s weather Web site may have also noticed that the town’s sizzling microclimate was not being observed online either.

In fact, temperatures, when reported, have been said to be on par with the traditionally cooler Whistler. Is this a plot by the mercury boiling communities of Lytton and Osoyoos to get more newscast airtime? Or is this lack of information the result of a technical malfunction?

Environment Canada spokesman Chris Doyle confirms that the culprit is the latter.

"The weather station was completely replaced after (last October’s) flood. This spring it started having some problems," says Doyle. "We hope to have technicians out by the end of the month."

Until then, residents will have to rely on their home thermometers for accurate assessments. Doyle suggests there’s an even easier way to determine the heat:

"High 30s or low 40s, it’s all just yuck."