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Pemberton skate park gets facelift

Local takes on project

Pemberton’s skate park has gotten an upgrade thanks to a new resident.

Shane Isbister, who has lived in Pemberton for just five months, has taken on the skate park as a pet project. He recently addressed the Village of Pemberton (VOP) council with report of his latest successes.

Isbister, who has experience in building skate parks and ramps, noticed that there were a number of ramps decaying next to the winter ice rink which houses the skate park. Discovering that there was money in the VOP budget from last year to improve the park, he met up with others involved in the project, gathered some volunteers, resurfaced the ramps and moved them back in place. Local skaters have appreciated the improvements to the facility.

“We get about 15 to 20 skaters every night. We have families. The young, the old — everyone,” said Isbister.

To generate more interest, as well as funds for the upkeep of the park, Isbister is organizing a skate jam on Sunday, Aug. 20. Mayor and council pending further information approved the event, which is an opportunity for local and area boarders to show off their stuff, in principle.

“There have been concerns from the public, noise and lights staying on needs to be considered,” said Mayor Jordan Sturdy.

“I’ve taken it upon myself to make sure that the lights go off at a reasonable time,” said Isbister.

He also said a lock will be installed on the facility to prevent late night use.

<>Councilor Jennie Helmer suggested the skate jam could provide an opportunity to address the concerns with both the skaters and the community at large.