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Police Briefs

Watch for Counterfeit $100 bills The Whistler RCMP are asking business owners to be on the lookout for conterfeit $100 bills.

Watch for Counterfeit $100 bills

The Whistler RCMP are asking business owners to be on the lookout for conterfeit $100 bills.

To ensure that a bill is genuine, the police are asking businesses to check the following security features, which are present on $20s, $50s and $100s:

1. Check the Optical Security Device (OSD) in the upper-left-hand corner of the note. It should turn gold to green and back again when tilted. There is a less noticeable colour shift (and sometimes none) on a counterfeit.

2. Run a fingernail along the edge of the OSD. A real OSD will have no detectable edge, while the edges on counterfeit OSDs are almost always raised.

3. Check to see if the planchettes – green dots – are on a bill. They can be scratched off and glow under UV lights.

4. Check the serial numbers. Genuine serial numbers do not repeat.

If you need more information on security features, visit the Bank of Canada or RCMP Web sites at or respectively.

Husky cracking down on gas thefts

The Whistler RCMP are working with the Husky Service Station in Whistler Creek to curb a rash of gas thefts that owner Sultan Rupani said have cost the station thousands of dollars since their opening in March.

To combat the theft, the station is adopting a "pay-before-you-pump" system for the end of the month. In addition, more surveillance cameras are being added.

Individuals who pump gas and drive away without paying face criminal charges of Theft Under $5,000, with maximum penalties of two years in jail or a fine of $2,000.

Attempted murder charge for Squamish man

Troubles continue on 2nd Ave. in Squamish, as police charged a 21-year-old local man for attempted murder in the beating of a local 47-year-old.

The police received a report of an unconscious male in the alleyway behind the Hudson House at 28033 2 nd Avenue at approximately 3:35 a.m. on the morning of Sept. 20.

RCMP and EHS attended the scene and brought the male to Squamish Hospital with severe head injuries. He was transferred to Vancouver General Hospital soon afterwards.

Core Jacob Lewis appeared in North Vancouver on Sept. 22 to answer the charge of attempted murder, and was remanded to custody.

A 44-year-old man was murdered on 2 nd Avenue earlier in the month, on the evening of Sept. 8. A 30-year-old Squamish resident was arrested in that incident.