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Presentation technology gets a boost

Whistler Blackcomb Foundation provides Millennium Place with special funding

Presentation and performance costs for community groups using Maurice Young Millennium Place will be reduced through a new Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Presentation Technology Fund Program.

The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation and Millennium Place announced the new fund July 4.

More than 40 Whistler-based community groups have used the theatre in Millennium Place on a regular basis over the past five years and nearly all have expressed a desire for more high-end equipment for their presentations.

Presentation technology includes light, sound and projection equipment. When Millennium Place opened in 2001 its inventory of in-house equipment was limited and the expense of renting professional equipment to support community productions was high and usually passed on in the form of additional rental fees.

The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Presentation Technology Fund Program will allow MY Place to increase its in-house inventory of professional presentation equipment and significantly reduce gear usage fees for Sea to Sky corridor community groups.

“Every year, we are asked by multiple local groups to help with the purchase of presentation equipment such as microphones and stage lights,” said Mei McCurdy, executive director of the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation. “These groups may only use the items a few times annually and most don’t have the facilities or expertise to maintain the equipment.

“By adding to the Millennium Place inventory, we can give every local community group access to the gear, and it will remain in perfect working order for years to come. Not only does this help Whistler’s community groups to do a better presentation or put on a better show, but it also significantly reduces each group’s cost of doing so.”

Use of technology acquired through the program will have a maintenance charge — a small per-use fee that will be used to keep the equipment in good operating order. Millennium Place’s inventory of presentation technology is expected to grow over time.