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RCMP adds two cents to rezoning

Concerned about back-street entrance

Council is moving ahead with plans to rezone a place at Nesters for the Boot’s Cold Beer and Wine Store.

On Feb. 20 they unanimously agreed to move the project along and hold a public hearing in the weeks to come where residents can speak out in favour or against the plans.

The rezoning is underway to make room for a residential development at the Shoestring/Boot Pub site where the Cold Beer and Wine Store is currently located.

The proposed new location is at the back of Nesters underneath Wild Willies.

The RCMP, who reviewed the file, has raised some concerns about the location because it is at the rear of the building and not on the more visible road frontage side of Nesters.

They have recommended a number of steps for the owners, which would make the store less susceptible to a robbery.

The recommendations include installing roll down bars on the front doors, bars on the windows, and a light on the west side of the building to light up the Valley Trail.

The owners have been working on surveys in recent months to determine if there is an appetite for the Cold Beer and Wine Store at Nesters.

Overwhelmingly, the response has been positive.