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Rental scams continue in Whistler say RCMP

Snowmobilers warned to park legally at Callaghan or be towed

More rental frauds reported

This past week two more vacation rental frauds were reported in Whistler with a total loss of $2,100 for the victims. On Feb. 8 the RCMP received a complaint from a visitor from Quebec who tried to rent a place on Northlands Boulevard on Craigslist. After investigating the incident, the victim discovered that the thief, based in the U.S., was using an email address that had been flagged online for these types of scams. That victim paid out $1,100 for the rental.

Another rental fraud was reported the following day for approximately $1,000. A visitor from Sweden rented the property on Craigslist; send the money to a scammer in the U.S.

People should use accredited rental sites to avoid being scammed, but if you do rent a place on Craigslist then you should arrange to make payment after you have the keys in hand.

Vehicles towed on Callaghan FSR

If you're going snowmobiling in the Callaghan, be sure not to park under the "No Parking" signs along the road. This week tow companies and RCMP towed two vehicles from the area and ticketed six others that could not be towed. People are advised to pay attention to signage and be aware that they can be towed and ticketed at any time.

Missing a bike? Call the RCMP

The Whistler RCMP is looking for the owner of a dual suspension Santa Cruz mountain bike that a routine patrol found in the middle of the road on Drifer Way at 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 10. If you're missing a bike, contact the RCMP with a description, serial number or any other information that would help to prove ownership at 604-932-3044.

Gas being siphoned

If you have a locking gas cap for your vehicle you might want to start using it. The RCMP received a call from a resident on Legacy Way in Cheakamus Crossing on Feb. 9 after the owner noticed the door to their gas tank was left open and quickly realized that their gas had been stolen.

Deer killed on Highway 99

On Feb. 8, the RCMP answered a call regarding a motor vehicle accident at Highway 99 and Callaghan Creek. The driver struck a deer that was crossing the road.

The deer died before the police arrived and there were no injuries to those in the vehicle.

There is a lot of wildlife on the roads, and drivers should take care to look well ahead and drive with high beams, when it's safe, to avoid deer and other wildlife.

Rash of vehicle break-ins in Squamish

From Feb. 5 to Feb. 11, the RCMP received calls regarding six vehicle break-ins, from Lions Bay Marina to Squamish. Thieves broke windows in many cases and the list of stolen items include sunglasses, an iPod Touch, validation tags and insurance papers, a blue North Face jacket and a backpack containing gear and two wallets with $500 in cash.

Never leave valuables in sight in your vehicle, either bring them with you or put them in a secure area like your trunk where they can't be seen.

Man gets ride home after assault

A Mt. Currie resident who called the police to report an assault turned out to be uncooperative when it came to helping police locate his attackers. The male was found by police walking north on the highway in the WedgeWoods area, heading north to his home in Mt. Currie. The police verified that he had been assaulted, but with the man refusing to provide any specific information all they could do was arrange a ride to get the rest of the way home. The call came in at 5 a.m. on Feb. 9.