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School Boundary issue raised again by parents.

The Howe Sound school board will discuss the school boundary issue at its next meeting.

By Clare Ogilive

This follows concerns raised by a couple of families over their understanding of how kids who live in the catchment area for Spring Creek Elementary can attend Myrtle Philip Elementary.

School trustee Don Brett said there appears to have been some breakdown in communication between the Board and some parents around this issue.

However, he maintains that there was ample opportunity for Spring Creek parents who wished to send their kids to Myrtle Philip to learn about the policies and guidelines on the issue.

"The information was in school newsletters and on the web site," said Brett.

It was also raised at a Spring Creek Parent Advisory Council meeting in February.

School superintendent Dr. Rick Erickson has met with one concerned family and is investigating the issue.

As promised the school board did review the boundary issue again this year. But the results of the review were never publicized.

"There was review, and there was no significant change from previous years, at least that is my understanding," said Brett.

"Our superintendent has been investigating the situation.

"He is recommending that we consider whether or not a review be made (of communication protocols and policy.)

"The Board has said it will review the boundaries annually and we did. We should have made an announcement and that would have alerted more people and that is one of the things that I will suggest we look at in terms of how we communicate."

There was also some confusion about how a lottery worked for choosing kids to go to Myrtle Philip from the Spring Creek catchment area.

The policy is that the lottery is a one-time opportunity. Just because a family was chosen in the lottery one year doesn’t mean the student will be able to go the Myrtle Philip the following year.