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Slope Side owners named Business Person of the Year

Tony Horn and David Krasny awarded after 17 years

They invented the toilet paper index.Based on how many rolls of paper they sell at Slope Side Supply, owners Tony Horn and David Krasny can gauge just how busy Whistler is at any given time.

It's not scientific but it does the trick.

The index is just one of many under-the-radar things that these two familiar Whistler faces have their names on, and it's their work both in business and through the wider community that lies behind why the duo were chosen as the 2011 Business Person of the Year.

"I can't think of more deserving winners," said last year's recipient Pat Kelly who made the announcement at Wednesday's Chamber of Commerce luncheon and Annual General Meeting.

When asked how it felt to be recognized by the business community after their 17 years at the helm of Slope Side, they were both succinct.

"Humbled," Krasny said. "Super honoured," said Horn.

Slope Side has been keeping Whistler and the corridor's hotels, restaurants and coffee shops stocked with not just toilet paper but paper cups, cleaning supplies, garbage bags and a host of things to keep businesses running smoothly.

Kelly called it a "true homegrown Whistler story."

Key to their success, said Horn, is putting their customers first.

"I think (it's) keeping our customers happy," he said of their success.

Their influence however extends beyond just the business world. Both are very active members of the local community with Horn an influential member of the mountain biking community and Krasny always at the ready to lend a hand when local schools and clubs need help.

"I'm just happy that we're part of this great town," said Krasny.

As for that toilet paper index, the always upbeat Krasny said this is the year Whistler will reap the benefits of all the hard work that went in to hosting the 2010 Games.

"The toilet paper index is hopefully going to trend better than it ever has this year... I'll tell you in May!" he said with a ready smile.

In addition to Business Person of the Year, the Chamber also announced the new members of the 2012 board of directors.

Four incumbents were chosen of the seven seeking election. They are: Pat Kelly, Danielle Kristmanson, Kendra Mazzei and Theresa Walterhouse.

The board is in the process of reducing its size from 16 to 13 elected directors in 2012, with further reductions to nine positions in 2013.