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Suspects with ‘extensive’ rap sheets found with break-in tools, Whistler police say

Police Briefs: Man makes a splash in police cell; Bikes stolen

A local cop's "heads-up policing" is being credited for catching a trio of suspects with a long history of criminal activity.

Just after midnight on Tuesday, Nov. 10, an officer observed a rented U-Haul truck driving suspiciously on Alpine Way.

The Mountie stopped the vehicle on Rainbow Drive and eventually confirmed the driver was wanted on an unendorsed warrant in connection with an attempted credit card fraud at a Whistler bike shop back in February.

A search of the vehicle uncovered a cache of suspected break-in tools, including bolt cutters, a screwdriver and pry bar. A meth pipe along with several pieces of identification belonging to four different individuals was also found in a female passenger's purse, police said, contrary to her probation conditions.

Mounties also discovered a small bag of suspected meth on the driver.

The three suspects, a 39-year-old Abbotsford woman and 37- and 41-year-old Surrey men, all have "extensive" rap sheets, said Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair.

"It was good heads-up policing on the officer's part for catching these people before a crime spree happened," he added.

Man floods police cell following arrest

A Vancouver man made quite the splash last week when he flooded his police cell after being arrested over a drunken brawl.

In the early hours of Saturday, Nov. 7, police were notified of a fight between two men in the village. Police arrested one of the males, who reportedly appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and took him back to the RCMP detachment.

Once inside, police said the agitated man clogged a toilet by stuffing it full of clothes. Even after an officer removed the clothing from his cell, the suspect continued to "use his hands to carry water out of the toilet to splash into the hallway," LeClair said.

Not done there, the man also tried to overflow the sink in his cell, forcing an officer to cut off water flow. Without a steady supply of H20 in his arsenal, the man switched to bodily fluids, allegedly spitting on a camera in his cell before smearing saliva, hair and dirt onto the lens.

In a final act of aquatic protest, the 32-year-old damaged the water sprinklers in his cell - a tactic that police are quite familiar with.

"I think there's probably been half a dozen instances (of damaged sprinklers)," LeClair said. "It's not just Whistler where this happens, it happens all over the place."

Four bikes reported stolen from Whistler home

Four bikes worth an estimated $1,500 were reportedly stolen from a home on Fitzsimmons Road last month.

After being away for several weeks, a local man returned to his residence to discover the stolen bikes. He believes the house was accessed through a basement door that was left unlocked.

A Norco Katmandu, a Specialized and two Rocky Mountain bikes were taken.

Bathroom buddies nabbed on drug charges

Something to remember for all the not-so covert drug users of Whistler: "Three people in a washroom stall is odd. A red flag."

That's just what local RCMP officers discovered on Saturday night upon entering a washroom in a village pub, where three males were clustered together inside a stall.

"One of the officers looked over the top and saw one of the males holding a rolled-up dollar bill in his hand," LeClair said.

Mounties also observed three lines of suspected cocaine sitting on a cell phone and arrested all three suspects on the spot.

A subsequent search of one of the males uncovered a bag of suspected cocaine as well as a bag of suspected MDMA. Another male was also found with a small bag of suspected cocaine, police said.

The third suspect was released without charge.