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Thousands of paid jobs available at Games time

350 employees needed to man parking lots in Whistler

Want a paid position with the 2010 Olympic Games?

Then dust off your resume and get ready to apply. In the coming months thousands of paid jobs will become available with embedded Games contractors.

"We have got thousands of hours available that are paid at pretty decent rates," said Chet Gillespie who is in charge of hiring people to host, manage, and supervise the parking lots for 2010 Olympic venues in Whistler.

In all 1,100 people are needed for the Olympic parking lots. About 350 positions are in Whistler.

Managers could earn $4,000 a month and get a completion bonus at the end of the three-month contract. Supervisors could earn $1,675 a month and parking hosts $1,285.

The 2010 Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) is supplying some housing for the supervisor and manager positions.

The manager positions start in January 2010 and the others in February. There will also be opportunities for work during the Paralympic Games, which follow the Olympics.

Gillespie is worried that people don't realize how many paid jobs there are available with the Olympics as the focus so far has been on recruiting volunteers.

"What I want to make quite clear is that there are lots of jobs to be had..." said Gillespie, a regional parking manager for Imperial Parking, which along with Lanier Parking is providing parking for VANOC.

Gillespie is also approaching colleges and schools to find workers, going as far as to suggest that sports teams find a supervisor and apply together then use the money they earn to fund team trips.

"Teams could be given blocks of working time together," he said, adding that students under 19 who apply would only be working in the Greater Vancouver Area in the Park and Ride lots.

All workers completing their contracts will be given a certificate at the end of the Games, a useful tool if people plan to do similar work at large events, said Gillespie.

Impark is also hoping that young adults with parents who have second homes in Whistler might consider applying for work in the Sea to Sky region.

The company is working on an incentive program for Olympic employees, which may include tickets to future events at their box in GM Place or passes to use Whistler Blackcomb.

To apply go to . All applicants will receive a response.