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Trails seeks guardian

Squamish Adopt a Trail program needs volunteers

Adoption is never an easy decision. If a pet, does it have its shots? Does it smell? Will it bite? If a child, well, much the same, compounded by the fact it can talk and borrow money.

Luckily for could-be adopters, the District of Squamish is offering a crash course in paternal responsibility, one with the added benefit of stewarding the district's many trails. Adopt a Trail has been around for about a month, but it hasn't been drawing the eyeballs needed for it to really take off. Accordingly, the district, with the enthusiastic support of the Squamish Trails Society, is ramping up an awareness campaign.

This is how it works. The trail infrastructure in Squamish is vast. Whether a conduit for leisurely strolling or an outlet for aggressive mountain biking, most of the town's trails are built and maintained by community groups and volunteers.

The adoption program aims to buff up that support. Adoption periods last for a year, after which an extension can be secured. The trail needs once-a-week visitation between the months of April and October. After that, once a month will do.

You can have a team, of course, but you'll need a point person, someone to file an activity log and other documentation with the district.

Filth and debris will not do. You have to keep the place free of fallen branches or vandalized signs. If you see ruffians carrying on throughout your trail, you must report them. Same goes for people dumping couches and other household junk.

And you have to be safe. Carry a phone with you. If you get hurt, let Todd Pope know. He's the trails coordinator, and he wants to know.

Sure, it's a commitment. But what isn't? Plus, if done right, you can rest on your laurels knowing you've helped the area with tourism, health and quality of life. Visit for more details.