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Tourism Whistler launches revamped marketing

Thrill Runs Deep campaign the result of years-long place branding exercise
Tourism Whistler's place-branding initiative centres around the diversity of thrills you can find in Whistler. Photo by Justa Jeskova / Tourism Whistler

Tourism Whistler’s extensive place branding and visioning exercise is nearing its end, and the resort marketer is unveiling a new slogan ahead of the winter season: delivering thrills… straight to the soul.

“Our new brand platform truly celebrates who we are at our core, not only as a destination, but as a community,” said Kirsten Homeniuk, vice president of marketing at Tourism Whistler, in a release.

“Whistler is the most exhilarating and magnetic mountain destination in the world and we want our brand to reflect that. It is a place where everyone is invited to explore their passions and push their boundaries.”

The place branding exercise, preliminary results of which were first shared with the community late last year, is the culmination of nearly two years work.

The exercise aimed to define what truly makes Whistler special, and chart the long-term vision and strategy for "ideal tourism" into the future.

“Through our place branding work we were able to define Whistler’s unique sense of place and personality,” Homeniuk said. “This has helped us to develop a new brand platform for Whistler that clearly represents who we are and what we stand for, to better position ourselves against our competitors.”

The new platform boils Whistler’s overarching purpose down to a single word: thrill.

“A thrill is defined as a sudden, magnified feeling of excitement and pleasure,” Homeniuk said.

“In Whistler, thrill is at the core of our experiences, whether it’s dropping in at the top of a couloir, or sabering a bottle of champagne in a wine cellar. Thrill is reflective of our people, our history, our culture, and our purpose as a brand.”

The platform includes new brand colours, typography, photo and video guidelines, a new brand voice, and a refreshed logo, all of which will be used in Tourism Whistler marketing materials this month.

The first examples of Whistler’s updated brand creative are heading into market this month with the launch of Tourism Whistler’s winter brand campaign, centered around the campaign concept: Thrill Runs Deep.

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