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Two injured in electrical explosion

Power cut to 6,000 people in Whistler

Two men were injured when an electrical explosion took place underground on Whistler Way Monday afternoon.

B.C. Hydro cut power to over 6,000 Whistler customers so that the men could be removed from the scene safely.

It is not clear how serious the injuries were, but it is believed both were flown to receive treatment in Vancouver.

"We know there were two workers injured, but I don't know how seriously," said John Dalin, a general manager with Langley-based Allteck, the company doing the regularly scheduled work for B.C. Hydro at the site near the Westin Resort and Spa.

"I know about the incident... but at this time I have no information as to what their injuries are and I can't speculate as to what happened."

RCMP was at the scene to secure it following the 2:45 p.m. explosion. Behind the yellow-security tape charred orange coveralls and a safety harness lay on the grass near the manhole at the centre of the investigation. About a dozen B.C. Hydro linemen and supervisors were also on the scene.

Power was restored to most hydro customers later in the afternoon.

According to B.C. Hydro spokesman Dag Sharman it is not clear if the two men were underground down the manhole or on the street level.

"They were doing scheduled work and we don't know what happened but somehow they came into contact with live electricity and were both injured and taken away by ambulance," he said.

"We don't know their conditions."

While police were securing the scene another small explosion took place and thick black smoke bellowed from the manhole.

WorkSafeBC is sending investigators to the scene.

"We were contacted by the RCMP," said Donna Freeman, director of media relations for WorkSafeBC.