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WAVE holding job fair Sept. 20

The Whistler and Valley Express is taking an unusual step this year in hosting a job fair on Monday, Sept. 20.

Although only a few spots will open up this year with the transit service, WAVE manager Scott Pass says the fair will let people know what the opportunities might be in the future.

"We know of a lot of employees that have left town over a number of years, and we know some of them want to stay, so this is a way to show people what they need to do to be a bus driver in Whistler. It also deals with issues like wages, housing, things like that," said Pass.

Between eight and 10 new drivers and trainees will be hired this year, and the transit service will likely continue to grow through 2010, Pass says.

"We’ll probably expand in a small way this year, but we do have some expansions coming up. And we want to start now gearing up for the Olympics."

Most new drivers are coming from Squamish, and Pass says there is also an opportunity for Whistler-based employees. Only 32 per cent of employees currently live in the Whistler area.

The company does not currently need any mechanics, but those positions do come up from time to time as well.

"We know our jobs pay a little better than what’s out there in the community – maybe not at first, but within a few years the wages get a lot better," said Pass.

The job fair will let interested candidates know what licences and certifications are required, as well as the transit service’s hiring processes.

The fair will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 20 in the Whistler Chamber of Commerce building.