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Weston to run again

Undaunted by loss, looks to next federal election

After losing the Jan. 23 federal election by just 966 votes – 1.5 per cent of all votes cast – West Vancouver’s John Weston has decided that he will run again for the Conservative ticket. According to Weston he was encouraged to remain the Conservative Party candidate for the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding by hundreds of phone calls and emails from supporters.

Weston confirmed his intention to run again on Monday at a meeting at West Vancouver’s Salmon House.

The next election could be more than four years away, but with another minority government in power it could also be next year.

Weston gave the following reasons for running again.

• Over 22,000 people voted Conservative, an increase of more than 1,500 votes over the previous John Reynolds campaign in 2004, which Reynolds carried by less than 700 votes.

• The Conservatives increased their percentage of the popular vote over 2004.

• Although he lost in other parts of the riding, Reynolds won West Vancouver by over 1,800 votes, reversing a national trend for Conservative candidates in urban ridings and the results of the previous election.

Weston added "But, most of all, we conducted ourselves with unwavering commitment to honourable campaigning and principles of good government."