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Whistler Air expands service

Whistler-Vancouver route gets new hours

Locals and tourists travelling between Whistler and Vancouver have new options to choose from. Whistler Air recently modified its schedule to better reflect the number of passengers travelling at various times of the day.

"We've been doing a sched between Vancouver and Whistler for many years and the reality is our sched up in the morning from Vancouver is full and our sched down from Whistler at night is full," said Whistler Air owner Mike Quinn.

"But the sched down from Whistler in the morning is pretty light and the one back in the evening is pretty light so we figured it makes more sense to leave an airplane in Vancouver overnight rather than fly it up empty at night and back empty in the morning.

"And as an alternative we're going to offer a mid-day sched between Vancouver and Whistler."

To keep his Vancouver-based plane out of the salt water, Quinn will overnight at the Pitt Meadows airport on the Fraser River. Seeing another opportunity to provide service, he decided to add a morning and evening route for Fraser Valley residents travelling to Vancouver for $24 each way.

"The planes are flying back and forth anyway, why not put bums in those seats, right?" continued Quinn, adding that he has received numerous calls of interest regarding the new route, which will connect passengers to the Vancouver Harbour.

A reciprocal agreement with Harbour Air, which owns the landing facility in Vancouver's harbour has until now restricted Whistler Air from operating tours out of Vancouver. The agreement was recently modified and Quinn said his company has expanded to provide tours out of the bigger city.

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