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Whistler cookie maker bakes up $25,000

Gluten-free cookie maker not eligible for grand prize

Sandra Walos, the Whistler resident participating in the Food Network show Recipe to Riches , has some new disposable income.

The bar manager was featured on this week's edition of Recipe to Riches showcasing her gluten-free cookie creation. The show is dedicated to finding a recipe that will become a President's Choice product.

Walos said she was happy with the success of her cookie on the sweets and savory snacks episode of the reality television show.

Each episode produces a $25,000 winner who qualifies for the grand prize of $250,000 and the title of Canada's top home cook.

Sadly, the producers of the show found out after the Walos episode was created that she is related to someone connected to the show so she has been disqualified from winning the grand prize.