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Whistler food unsurpassed

Spring Break special web series

Whistler during Spring Break is the place to be and over the next few days Pique will provide details of Whistler's most popular spring time activities. Every day a new activity will be profiled and in this report we feature the fabulous food that can be found throughout the resort.

I eat, therefore I am. Sorry René, but you were way off base with that thinking thing.

Granted, food's gotten a lot better since the 17th century and the simple fact of the matter is food doesn't get much better than you'll find it around here.

There are a number of reasons for this. Whistler occupies a happy place. A short hop to the bounty of the Pacific, a quick drive from the lush Fraser Valley and an even shorter dash to the rich farmland of Pemberton. Whether it's organic beef, fresh seafood or nutritious veggies, it doesn't get more fresh and local.

And just as Whistler draws talented athletes from around the world, it also attracts chefs at the top of their games and restaurateurs who know they've got to please a discerning, international audience.

The confluence of those ingredients result in a broad choice of spectacular dining spots, everything from gourmet grab'n'go to the finest, slowest gastronomic delights.

And if you need anything else — other than reservations — to get you excited, consider this. You've likely just spent the day burning about a billion calories. You've earned a completely guilt-free indulgence.

So dig in. If you are what you eat, be happy.