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Whistler police investigating report of sexual assault

Police Briefs: Stolen truck abandoned
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Police are investigating the report of a sexual assault that allegedly took place at a local hotel this week.

A woman told police she had gone out with friends and coworkers to a village nightclub the night of Sunday, Feb. 14.

At one point, a male reportedly joined up with the group outside the club and accompanied the woman to her hotel. The man reportedly kept making unwanted physical advances, attempting to kiss and fondle the woman despite her “verbal and physical” protests, police said.

She also told police the suspect “held her down by her hands when she struggled to break free” and continued to grope her before she was able flee the room. The woman sustained no injuries, police said.

The investigation is ongoing.

Crashed truck was stolen from Surrey, police say

A crashed truck that was abandoned this week was actually stolen only a few days earlier, police said.

Officers responded to a report of a collision the evening of Feb. 15 on Highway 99 near the McGuire Forest Service Road. Police found the Dodge Ram pickup abandoned in a ditch in the northbound lane with its four-way flashers on.

A check of the Alberta license plates uncovered that they did not belong to the truck, and, after running the vehicle identification number, police determined the pickup had been stolen from Surrey on Feb. 11.

Mounties found a number of belongings in the truck, including unused syringes, clothing, and some personal papers that are being examined to try and identify a suspect, police said.