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'Whistler Water Park' making waves online

Project pending approval from the RMOW
MAKING WAVES Alex Campbell would like to see one of Whistler's lakes become home to one of the biggest water parks in Canada. photo by braden dupuis

Around 8 p.m. last Wednesday night, a Facebook page known only as Whistler Water Park was quietly launched into the Internet atmosphere.

By 3 p.m. the next day it had garnered 500 likes, twice as many page views and created a definitive buzz around what is, to this point, a hypothetical addition to the resort.

"Everybody seems to be so excited, everyone seems to want to get out on the park," said Alex Campbell, one of the men behind the project.

"People have been asking whether season passes are available and things of that nature."

Season passes to Whistler's hypothetical water park may indeed become available — if the project makes it through the municipality's approval process, that is.

"We have just dropped off our proposal to the municipality, so we're waiting to hear back from them," Campbell said.

"We imagine that there will be concerns that we need to address, and we want to move forward with the RMOW's concerns in mind alongside our vision."

It's a vision that looks like something out of a movie — massive inflatable structures in the shape of teeter-totters, trampolines, climbing walls and more, all floating on one of Whistler's pristine lakes.

"It's an open concept for anyone to enjoy, and the greatest thing about it is that it's modular, so you could actually change the shape and orientation of the park," Campbell said.

That structural flexibility allows for some creative construction — and the possibility for endless expansion.

"Where we start from will literally just be the starting point, and the sky's the limit," Campbell said.

But where that starting point ends up being, or if it ends up being at all, remains in the hands of the RMOW.

"Adding a new feature to a (local) park is always something that we're interested in seeing," said Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden.

"Whether this is necessarily a feature that fits with our policies and our offerings is something that is being considered."

At this point, RMOW staff is looking at policy documents concerning park usage and park features, as well the RMOW's recreation and leisure master plan to decide if the water park would fit well in the resort.

Feedback from former guests and people on social media will play into the decision as well.

A decision should be made in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the Whistler Water Park Facebook page — featuring a cover photo of the hypothetical park and the words "hopefully coming summer 2015" — continues to garner likes and attention from Whistlerites young and old.

"It's really, really exciting and overwhelming to see how quickly and well-received this concept has been taken in by the community," Campbell said.