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iShift your thinking and "be the change"

RMOW Environmental Coordinator

I'm in my living room channelling Ghandi, chanting the oft-quoted mantra "Be the change you want to see in the world." But when we look around Whistler, it's often tough to see the change we want to be.

On February 17 we can focus and switch gears on change with the launch of iSHIFT Citizen, a Whistler2020 Take Action program from 7-9 p.m. at MY Millennium Place. If we want to see change, big or small, occur in our lives and in our community, the time is now to start shifting from talking about change to making it. You're all invited to this free, fun event.

iSHiFT Citizen, a new Whistler program designed to help anyone overcome barriers and challenges, shifts your thinking and turns your ideas and concerns into action. It asks Whistler residents to think deeply about an issue they want to tackle. iSHIFT Citizen recognizes making change is easier when we do it together - with friends, family colleagues and neighbours.

Meeting in groups of 6-10 people, iSHiFT supports your group through a series of action-focused sessions, which can occur anywhere, anytime... over coffee, dinner, or with a beer après ski. iSHiFT will provide groups and individuals with the tools and support necessary to overcome barriers and take the first step in making the change you want to see in your home and in your community.

CBC radio 3's Grant Lawrence, former lead singer of The Smugglers and author of Adventures in Solitude, will host the iSHiFT Citizen launch. Vancouver-based Matt Hill, co-founder of Run for One Planet, ( ), will share his story of running 17,700 kilometres in Canada and the U.S., inspiring North Americans one stride at a time through his journey.

Following Hill's presentation, you'll hear about a Vancouver couple who had the idea that "We have too much stuff!!!" and went on to tackle a personal challenge, pledging to produce zero landfill waste for one year. Their documentary film, The Clean Bin Project ( ), was one of several accomplishments from one idea regarding too much stuff.

Nod your head if you are reading this and can recall a time when you felt so passionately about an issue in Whistler that you said: "Gosh Darn It! I really need to do something about this right now.' Now shake your head if you can recall just how brilliant your solution was, but when it came time to physically do something about it - your motivation, passion, and idea fizzled faster than a New Year's resolution.

The iSHiFT Citizen launch is like the program - homegrown - featuring locals like you who have said: "The Time Is Now!" sharing their stories of shifting small ideas into Whistler-based action with big results.

iSHiFT is comprised of two parts: iShift Business and iShift Citizen, each targeted to provide opportunities to get engaged with on-the-ground action toward Whistler2020.  The programs are being facilitated by the Whistler Centre for Sustainability and the Resort Municipality of Whistler, with financial support from the Canadian Department of the Environment.

Got questions about iSHiFT Citizen? Contact Nicolette Richer 604-935-8198 or email .