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You never know who's picking up unlocked bikes in Whistler

Also in police briefs: RCMP arrest two men found with cocaine near bus loop
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Two visitors had their eyes opened to the severity of Whistler's bike theft scene during their stay in the resort last week.

On Thursday, June 6, police received a report of two bikes stolen from outside a Whistler village business, according to a release. The visitors had left their bikes—borrowed from their hotel—on the stroll while they popped inside the business.

The pair alerted police after exiting the business to find the bikes missing.

Upon investigation, local police discovered that an observant shuttle bus driver from the visitors' hotel had spotted the bikes and noticed they were unlocked. The driver opted to pick up the bikes and, to the guests' relief, returned them to the hotel to ensure they were not stolen.

Two locals arrested after being found with cocaine

Two local men were arrested last Wednesday, June 5 after Whistler RCMP found the pair in possession of cocaine.

According to the release, police "encountered two males near the bus loop, about to consume a quantity of cocaine," at around two a.m.

One 26-year-old and another 23-year-old man were arrested and subsequently released to appear in court at a later date.