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Young student pulls knife at Pemberton school

Police Briefs: Mount Currie man arrested for sexual assault; Whistlerite makes mess of police cells

Police are investigating a troubling incident at a Pemberton school this month after a young boy allegedly pulled a knife and threatened another student.

A school employee who witnessed the April 6 incident managed to intervene and safely secure the weapon.

The school initially handled the incident internally until the mother of the student who was threatened reported it to police. The boy was suspended for two days.

"It was the first time anything like this had occurred with this student," noted Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair.

School officials also conducted a violence risk assessment and were satisfied "they were able to safely manage the situation by monitoring the student closely while the police investigation continues," LeClair added.

LeClair believes the youth who allegedly pulled the knife is 11 years old, in which case he is not old enough to be held criminally responsible.

Lover's spat leads to crappy mess for police

If you need more proof that love is nothing more than a big, stinking mess, look no further than a Whistler couple arrested this week.

Just before midnight on April 11, police received a report of a man shouting obscenities outside a Whistler Road apartment complex and attempting to force his way into the building. At one point, witnesses reported that a female in a red sweatshirt came down and opened the door before pushing the male away when he tried to enter. Eventually the male suspect was able to find a way in, and when officers arrived at the scene, they overheard a loud argument from one of the units.

Police requested back-up before knocking on the door to find a man matching the description stumble out into the hallway. While he was being detained for mischief, the woman exited and, upon seeing her boyfriend in handcuffs, "became extremely aggravated and repeatedly tried to push past police," LeClair said.

The 27-year-old female was arrested for obstruction.

But the ordeal was not quite over with. Once in custody, the 38-year-old male suspect "used his hand to spread excrement on the cell wall, writing profane messages," said LeClair.

Police are now considering additional charges because the suspect "made a considerable mess of the cell he was in."

Drunk Whistler dude almost makes it home safely

A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend who's grossly intoxicated and belligerent? Well that's another story entirely.

Just after 11 p.m. on April 8, police on foot patrol on the Village Stroll observed an intoxicated man stumbling in front of a bar.

"He couldn't stand up straight, was falling into people and had an odour of liquor on his breath," said LeClair.

Officers also spoke to the doorman who said the male had been kicked off the premises and was told to go home, but remained in front of the bar. While being escorted by police, a friend recognized the suspect and agreed to take him home instead of having him spend the night in custody. But his good deed was all for naught.

"The officers and this friend went to walk the subject to a taxi, however, he became resistant and started to swear at the officer. So he was taken to cells," explained LeClair.

Once at the detachment, a search of the 26-year-old uncovered a capsule of suspected MDMA. The man now faces charges of drug possession along with public intoxication.

Mount Currie man reportedly gropes woman outside Pemberton pharmacy

A Mount Currie man is facing charges after he allegedly groped a woman outside a Pemberton pharmacy and made lewd comments to other customers.

Officers were able to locate the suspect on April 6 after staff at the store provided a description. When Mounties caught up with the man, 32, he showed signs of intoxication and was found with several unopened cans of beer - a breach of conditions stemming from an earlier arrest. LeClair said the man has "a long history" of breaching his conditions.

Witnesses told police the suspect had groped a woman's buttocks and was overheard making inappropriate comments to others. He now faces charges of sexual assault and breaching his conditions.

Belligerent man pepper sprayed while resisting arrest, police say

A U.K. man got some pepper spray for his troubles this week after he allegedly lashed out at employees of a village bar and resisted arrest.

After being tipped off by staff, officers arrived at the scene to discover the suspect being held down by several people. He allegedly became aggressive after being kicked out of the bar and also damaged property.

When police attempted to take control of the man, he began "violently" resisting arrest, "kicking, thrashing, flailing his arms around," noted LeClair. He also attempted to place one of the officers in a headlock. Eventually, the man was pepper sprayed before Mounties were able to subdue him.

He has since pled guilty to one count of assaulting a peace officer and was sentenced to one year probation, police said.