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Notes from the back row

Bush makes it to the big screen

Many of you loyal readers have suggested I make a run for council in the upcoming municipal election and while I must admit the benefits package is enticing (along with the ability to give myself a raise at any time) I am going to have to politely decline. I’m not sure even I could turn things around for our quiet mountain town.

That’s not to say I don’t have a truckload of great ideas, free for any future councillor to use. For instance, I’ve brainstormed a fantastic way to boost our local economy in March 2010, those weeks after the Olympic shitshow has rolled on and everyone is predicting a lull — ‘Olympic economic hangover’ they call it.

Heck, everyone knows the best way to get rid of a hangover is a little herb, so I propose we talk to the people in Amsterdam and see if they’ll let Whistler host the Weed Olympics in 2010. Might as well bang off as many Olympics as we can in one year, eh? Pot smokers like to eat, so our restaurants will be full. They like to drink too, and watch movies — the spin-offs benefits are endless. And anyone who considers it unwise to invite a bunch of potheads into town has obviously never walked through the village on the May long weekend and seen what legally purchased alcohol can do. Screw the laws, I’ll take the stoners over the drunks any day. Just imagine the press — we’d make headlines around the world!

Sticking with great political minds, this week the Village 8 is opening W. , Oliver Stone’s biopic about outgoing president George W Bush. Stone is known for being controversial and he’s already made two good ‘president’ flicks ( JFK, Nixon). You might find it a surprise then that W. is neither overly controversial nor especially good. In fact, Stone lifts the main conflict of his film from Andy Samberg’s Hot Rod – the young buck motivated solely by his desire to win love and respect from his father.

Not to say the film is a total dud — it’s good to watch the leaders of the free world discuss torture in ‘Guantanamera’ while eating lunch, and Josh Brolin ( No Country For Old Men) does a fine job portraying Bush. Stone hired a fine back up cast behind him too, but all in all the movie lacks punch. It dramatizes some events of Bush’s life, glosses over other important ones, and in the end adds very little to our understanding of the man or his politics. Too bad, W. could have been the next Dr Strangelove

Speaking of trimming, Saw V also opens Friday. They pump out one of these a year so don’t expect anything especially new. Jigsaw is dead in this one and it’s up to an ex-cop to carry on his noble tradition of torture-porn. That’s all I know, they don’t give anyone pre screenings of this one and I didn’t watch the last two either. There will be blood, and cool torture devices.

I wouldn’t expect much blood in High School Musical 3 though, unless someone in the audience decides to slit their own wrists rather than keep watching. HSM 3 is pure Disney — joyful, lighthearted entertainment that parents can take their kids to while holding on to those hopes and delusions that the world is a great place and their little babies would never do anything immoral or wrong — like vote ‘Yes’ for the Weed Olympics in 2010.