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Local Arts

Maxed out - Chump change

When the nation grew weary of the Prime Ministerial reign of Pierre Trudeau and Pierre grew weary of the nation, the winds of change were in the air.

Liquor Laws

Local liquor license holders speak out again enforcement In accepting the new liquor laws, Whistler license holders gave a little to get a little – and then, they say, they got stiffed There are many positive things to say about the new terms an

In the pink

Duvall leaving a (sequin) trail WHO: Siobhan Duvall WHERE: The Boot Pub WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 4 She describes her music as "pink"… her apartment is pink… and now her first solo CD, Star , is pink. "I just love the colour pink.

Blue Floyd and The Modular Band Theory

WHO: Blue Floyd WHERE: Garibaldi Lift Co. WHEN: Feb. 9 The Modular Band Theory probably dates back to the 1930s, when the name of the big band leader always appeared on the play bill, followed by the word "orchestra.

Piaf finally comes to Whistler

What: Tonight… Piaf! Where: Our Lady of the Mountains community centre When: Feb. 2, 8 p.m. Amidst of a flood of positive reviews from across Canada, Tonight… Piaf! is about to hit Whistler.

Jive talking non-stop party

WHO: Jive, with guests Q WHERE: Garibaldi Lift Company WHEN: Saturday, Jan.

Dance academy proposed

If you want to improve your skiing, take up dance training. This may be a quantum leap in some peoples’ imaginations but to local choreographer and dancer, Trina Eby, it makes perfect sense.

The Rules

Liquor Branch spells out enforcement strategy Gray areas in liquor laws become more black and white with new terms and conditions In the past, the liquor industry in B.C. has been largely self-regulating.

Singer says she has entered the best phase of her musical career

WHO: Bif Naked with guests Gob and LiveonRelease WHERE: Whistler Conference Centre WHEN: Friday, Jan. 19. COST: $22.

Justice, fiction and Canada

Darryl Hopkins was a mild-mannered guy. As mild-mannered as anyone who’d spent two tours of duty – one with Special Forces – in the quagmire of Vietnam could be.