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Local Arts

Maxed out - Exposed and going over the edge

"E=MC 2 " Albert Einstein "6.023 x 10 23 " Amedeo Avogadro "Math is hard." Barbie "*#@%!!&" G.D.

Get stuffed - Hands On

Adventures in gourmet cooking The Whistler Cooking School invites food lovers to laugh, learn, and get their aprons dirty Most of the people to walk through the doors of the Whistler Cooking School in the two weeks since Lauren Piper opened shop have

Fast Food-Dry goods on-line

Pemberton’s Jeff Van Der Mark was one of two partners who opened the Pony Espresso in 1993. Currently he works in Whistler, but he remains in the food business with Jeff’s Dry Goods, available on-line at www.jeffsdrygoods.

Photographers invited to submit for Showdown

The third annual Pro Photographer Search is taking place in Whistler April 16-17 as part of the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

Bravo Piaf!

Review by Adriana Howe It was definitely worth the 10-year wait for Tonight… Piaf! Joelle Rabu’s Feb. 2 performance as Edith Piaf at Our Lady of the Mountains church was breathtaking. And popular.

The Jeff Healey Band

WHO: Jeff Healey Band WHERE: Dusty’s WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 11 One of Canada’s musical greats graces the stage of Dusty’s this weekend.

Maxed out - Chump change

When the nation grew weary of the Prime Ministerial reign of Pierre Trudeau and Pierre grew weary of the nation, the winds of change were in the air.

Liquor Laws

Local liquor license holders speak out again enforcement In accepting the new liquor laws, Whistler license holders gave a little to get a little – and then, they say, they got stiffed There are many positive things to say about the new terms an

In the pink

Duvall leaving a (sequin) trail WHO: Siobhan Duvall WHERE: The Boot Pub WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 4 She describes her music as "pink"… her apartment is pink… and now her first solo CD, Star , is pink. "I just love the colour pink.

Blue Floyd and The Modular Band Theory

WHO: Blue Floyd WHERE: Garibaldi Lift Co. WHEN: Feb. 9 The Modular Band Theory probably dates back to the 1930s, when the name of the big band leader always appeared on the play bill, followed by the word "orchestra.