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Local Arts

Going Blind see light at the end of the tunnel

WHO: Going Blind’s CD release party WHERE: The Boot Pub WHEN: Jan.

Folk dancers begin new season

Zorba, Pata Pata, Troika, La Raspa, the Maple Leaf Stomp, the Swede-Finn Mixer, the Romanian Medley and many other dances from around the world return as the Squamish International Folk Dancers begin another season of moving to ethnic music.

James returns to pop/rock with Fuse

WHO: Colin James with special guests Sharkskin WHERE: Whistler Conference Centre WHEN: Saturday, January 20 COST: $32.


"Space – the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. It’s continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Playing by the Rules

Whistler bars get a crash course in new liquor laws While new liquor laws may level the playing field for license holders, for some establishments it’s going to take some time to adjust A few years ago the provincial government and liquor branch

SideSixtySeven survive LA

WHO: SideSixtySeven WHERE: The Boot Pub WHEN: Jan.

Some thoughts on why bad hangovers happen to good people

New Year’s Day. The old calendar, a mix of good days and bad days, gets thrown into the fire. The new calendar is a blank slate with 365 empty spaces waiting to be filled.

New perspectives needed in new year

If New Year’s Eve is a time for resolutions, perhaps a little honesty and a dose of reality would be good ones for the people who run some government departments. British Columbia is not the well-oiled machine it once was – if it ever was.


New Year’s Resolutions – where and what would you be without them? In the past I’ve resolved to read more books, clean my room, work harder at school, put $2,000 in the bank, call my mom every Sunday, be better at staying in touch with

Bloody Sunday

Province backing off on Sunday openings It may be great for the tourism industry, but local beer and wine store owners say Sunday opening is bad for business For the first time since Oct. 1 – the day that the B.C.