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Maxed Out

The blockbusters of the summer of 2002

By G.D. Maxwell I feel as though I’m living through a bad sequel. Grumpy Old Men III: The Leadership Race .

Pipe dreams and plumbing nightmares

By G.D. Maxwell Cariboo Kottage – we’re still searching for a name – is not exactly rustic.

The Kottage Khronicles: A voice from the Stupid Lobe

By G.D. Maxwell Jokes and homeownership owe their popularity and longevity, in part, to the amazing human ability to forget.

Physiotherapists big winners in sustainability initiative

Riddle o’ the Week: How is Whistler preaching sustainability like a paedophile priest preaching piety? Well, while you either fret or fume over that question, let’s consider the sorry, sorry state of language.

The perils of the Canadian game

An exhaustive list of my shortcomings is beyond the scope of a single column. While generally not wading too deeply into the seven deadly sins, I would certainly have to include sloth on the list.

A concise history of Mother’s Day

By. G.D. Maxwell M is for the million things she gave me Yup, it’s that time again.

How to win friends and influence people...

By. G.D.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

By G.D. Maxwell Most modern dictionaries define diplomacy along these lines: "The management of international relations by negotiation.

The cocaine of skiing

By. G.D. Maxwell There are probably scarier things than flying in and being within rotor reach of operating helicopters. In fact, I’m sure there are.

Liberal democracy in British Columbia

By G.D. Maxwell If the two official languages of Canada are English and French, what’s the official language of Victoria? Well, yes, that may be a trick question.